? Frequently Asked Questions ?

Where can I try a Premier Health Products massage chair?
Call our customer support staff and we can help find a location where you can try a Premier Health Products massage chair.

Can a massage chair be a substitute for a recliner?
Yes.  Massage chairs offer the same reclining features as typical recliners.  However, because massage chairs use mechanical rollers to apply pressure to your body, the back rest of massage chairs are designed with less padding than traditional recliners.  Because of this, massage chairs are not as comfortable for long term relaxing as traditional recliners are.

How do I operate my massage chair?
All massage chairs offer helpful instructions on how to operate the chair. For any additional questions we encourage our customers to call us and we can talk you through the various chair functions and features.

Who ships the chairs?
We use a delivery company called DHL.  This is a world wide shipping company that will deliver your massage chair to your front door.  For an additional charge we can also use a premium shipping company that will assemble the chair for you upon delivery.  Standard delivery takes 5-7 business days.

How will I know when to expect my chair?
Within 48 hours after your chair is shipped you will receive tracking numbers via e-mail from DHL that allow you to follow the progress of you package.  By tracking your package online you will know when to expect your chair to arrive.

Do the chairs come assembled?
There is minimal set up required when you receive your massage chair.  Premier Health Products ships the arms separately so that the boxes are easier to handle and can fit through narrow doorways.  Set up requires two people but is very simple and can be done in less than fifteen minutes.

What do I do if my chair needs repair? 
The wonderful part about Premier Health Products chairs is their modular designed.  This means the chairs have been engineered to easily come apart into smaller pieces.  With the help of the onboard diagnostics on in the chairs computer, color coded instructions, and the Premier Health Products technicians any damaged part can easily be removed and sent back to Premier for replacement or repair.  Our customers find this method of repair much more convenient than the alternative of shipping the entire chair back after in home service agreements have expired.

What are the advantages of synthetic leather chairs?
Synthetic leather chairs last over twice as long as leather chairs without showing wear.  Premier Health Products uses high quality synthetic leather that looks and feels just like real leather but has an elastic property allowing it to conform to the movements of the massage rollers.  Plus synthetic leather is easier to clean and is durable enough to stand up to the heating elements in chairs that typically crack and dry real leather.  If you want your chair to look as good as it feels for the life of the chair you should choose a model with synthetic leather.

Can I use the chair everyday?
Of course!  In fact most of our customers enjoy using their massage chairs two or three times each day.  Regular massage is one of the best ways to improve your health and reduce back pain as well as improve circulation and speed recovery from injury.

What are the benefits of heat in a massage chair?
Heated back pads in massage chairs offer your muscles the warmth they need to fully loosen up.  Rather than receiving a massage on cool muscles which may never fully relax, adding heat allows them to warm up and completely relax during the course of the massage.  Heated back pads work on the same principle as using heating sports creams on sore joints and muscles, without the hassle.

Why buy online when I can purchase a chair at a retail store?
Retail stores are forced to mark up their prices to pay for rent, extra staffing, and a variety of other operating costs.  Online stores eliminate most of these operating expenses and pass the saving along to our customers.  Online stores compete on price because our shoppers have access to hundreds of stores at a touch of a keyboard.  This forces us to offer our products at the lowest possible price. We still have a physical address but do not pay for fancy showrooms that add nothing to your massage experience.  We offer better chairs at lower costs.